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DAY TWO - What is Kemetic Science?

DAY THREE - WAKANDA FOREVER! Meet Legendary Elder Dr. Leonard Jeffries

DAY FOUR - Healing Race-Based Traumatic Stress and Injury with Dr. Nzingha Dalila

DAY FIVE - Who Are the Adepts at the Shock Metaphysics Virtual Kemetic Wisdom School?

DAY SIX - #KemeticConversations - Professor James Small on the Importance of the Kemetic Wisdom School

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Mastering ChatGPT: From Novice to Expert - Unleashing the Power of Personalized AI Prompts and Beyond

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[IMMEDIATE REPLAY] AI Over AI: Understanding Amma Intelligence Over Artificial (God) Intelligence


Xi Is The Name Of The Olmec People (Special Report by Dr. Clyde Winters)


SPECIAL REPORT: Mande Origin of the Olmecs and their Calendar


SPECIAL REPORT The Black AI Jedi for Seniors: Embracing the Future with Wisdom

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One-On-One Session with Dr. Philippe SHOCK Matthews for Research Scientists using chatGPT

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[IMMEDIATE REPLAY] Becoming An AI Jedi Research Scientist Without a Master's Degree or Ph.D.!


[Dr. Clyde Winters: SPECIAL REPORT] - The Proto-Sahara

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Mastering Your Amma Mind - Weekly Spiritual Hour Of Power Session with Rev. Dr. Philippe SHOCK Matthews

$62.50+ a month