DAY ONE - What is SHOCK Metaphysics? DAY TWO - What is Kemetic Science? DAY THREE - WAKANDA FOREVER! Meet Legendary Elder Dr. Leonard Jeffries DAY FOUR - Healing Race-Based Traumatic Stress and Injury with Dr. Nzingha Dalila DAY FIVE - Who Are the Adepts at the Shock Metaphysics Virtual Kemetic Wisdom School? DAY SIX - #KemeticConversations - Professor James Small on the Importance of the Kemetic Wisdom School (Your email will not be sold or shared with third parties.)


Welcome to SHOCK Metaphysics!

The Fables of John Shackle - Cotton Tales - Bobby Forte Pt 1

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Know Your Rights eBook by the Law Office of Keith J. Staten

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Amma’s Alchemy: The Metaphysical Essence of Carbon, Melanin, Dark Matter, and Dark Energy - What Makes Black People 1st Frequency

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[LIFETIME REPLAY] The Black Self Mental Health Virtual Clinic


[IMMEIDATE REPLAY] How to Manipulate Matter Using the Metaphysics of Melanin


First Sight Consciousness Into Heraldic Origins (PowerPoint PDF Download)


Mastering ChatGPT: From Novice to Expert - Unleashing the Power of Personalized AI Prompts and Beyond

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[IMMEDIATE REPLAY] AI Over AI: Understanding Amma Intelligence Over Artificial (God) Intelligence