Amma’s Alchemy: The Metaphysical Essence of Carbon, Melanin, Dark Matter, and Dark Energy - What Makes Black People 1st Frequency

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Discover the powerful connection between dark matter, dark energy, melanin, and the divine origins of Black people in this metaphysical exploration.

Combining science, spirituality, and ancient African wisdom, this ebook takes you on an illuminating journey to understand dark matter, dark energy, carbon, and melanin from an Afrocentric perspective. It introduces groundbreaking hypotheses about how these cosmic and biological phenomena profoundly link to the essence of Black consciousness.

Delving into little-known Dogon cosmology, the text explains how dark matter relates to the primordial divine force personified as Amma/Amen, the Supreme Being in Ancient Egyptian and Dravidian traditions. It proposes an unconventional bond between dark matter and melanin, speculating on their potential interactions at a sub-molecular level.

Additionally, the book analyzes the intricate carbon composition underlying melanin, evaluating carbon’s cosmic origins and prevalence across the universe’s interstellar medium. It also explores the thought-provoking philosophical questions evoked by dark energy’s repulsive properties that accelerate cosmic expansion.

Overall, this highly original work synthesizes scientific concepts like wave interference and biomolecules with African spiritual ideas to present a unique framework for comprehending Black identity. The rich discourse on carbon resonances, mitochondrial DNA, pre-dynastic Egypt’s Mdw Ntr hieroglyphs, and melanin’s electrons invites you to re-examine Black heritage through a metaphysical lens.

If you seek more profound insights into the interconnections of dark matter, dark energy, and melanogenesis beyond mainstream science, then this book provides a captivating gateway. Let the revelatory concepts trigger introspection into your inner divinity as a Black person.


  • Preface
  • Why Philosophy is the Mother Science
  • My Dedication
  • Question or Quest-Ion?
  • Introduction
  • The 1st Language: Mdw Ntr
  • Formation of Mdw Ntr
  • Characteristics
  • Significance
  • The 1st Dogonic Utterance of the Divine
  • 1st Frequency People are Ammas in Expression!
  • I AM
  • The Science of Existential Insertion and Acknowledgment of Our Divine Self
  • AMMA (God) Is Energy In Expression
  • 1st Frequency People Are the Original I AM!
  • The 1st Vibration
  • Resonance
  • Natural Frequency
  • Forced Vibrations
  • Amplification
  • Constructive Interference
  • Damping
  • Dark Matter
  • Why Black Lives Matter and Black Matter Lives
  • Positive Aspects of Dark Matter
  • Negative Effects Of Dark Matter
  • Why 2nd Frequency Fear Dark Matter and Dark Energy
  • All Positives Have An Opposite
  • Dark Matter and Dark Energy Are Different
  • Defining Dark Matter
  • Defining Energy
  • Positives of Dark Energy
  • Negatives of Dark Energy
  • Fundamental Differences Between Dark Matter and Dark Energy
  • How Do Dark Matter And Dark Energy Relate To The AMMA (God) Particle?
  • The Goddess Particle
  • Mitochondrial Eve
  • The Hypothesis: Dark Matter and Melanin | Dark Energy and Melanin
  • The Connection Between Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and Melanin
  • A Word About Carbon
  • The Relationship: Carbon | Dark Matter | Dark Energy
  • Carbon's Relation to Melanin
  • Carbon’s Relation to the God Particle
  • Consequences of Low or No Melanin In Relation to Carbon
  • Can Carbon Be Destroyed?
  • Can Melanin Be Destroyed?
  • CTA: Call to Action
  • Time to Activate and Unleash Your Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and Melanin!
  • It’s Time To Break Black Trauma!
  • 1st Frequency Black Trauma Mental Health Solutions
  • About the Author
  • Books by Dr. Philippe SHOCK Matthews
  • Acknowledgments
  • References

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Amma’s Alchemy: The Metaphysical Essence of Carbon, Melanin, Dark Matter, and Dark Energy - What Makes Black People 1st Frequency

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