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Jonathan Smith

Thank you for sharing. Your paper was an eye opener and I’m sure that it will help someone who’s predisposed to inferiority, in this white supremacy world. Sincerely, Jonathan Smith

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This paper is brilliant as I have been accustomed to all your work! I forwarded this to an Asian Indian friend of mine who is married to a caucasian man. They have an 11 year old son who is experiencing extreme emotional trauma at his all white school. The child has already been in detention 3 times this school year, constantly yelled at by the teacher, bullied by the classmates and basically given the old black treatment! My friend is very naive when it comes to white supremacy and systemic racism. Hopefully this paper can alert her to what is going on and how she and her husband can begin to address it. Lots of love to you! My computer introduced me to you during the Plandemic. Being 80 years young some of your guest are like meeting up old friends!!

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