Africana Phenomenology with Dr. Marie Charles (Debut Show)

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Praise God of the Universe for Rev Shock the "God Maker." I enjoy the new Goddess to the mix. The Universe knows we need so many chipping away these lies and deception. When I learned there was no Santa Clause at 12-years-old, I was devastated. How could anyone lie like that to children for centuries? When I learned in 2014 from Dr. Joy DeGruy the Statue of Liberty stands with broken chains at her feet, I cried for four days in my dorm room. I am now 66. My "brain-computer" could not stand to see any white people for four days. Since that day, the truth has been coming down like 40 days and 40 nights of rain, from so many directions. Afrikaans Black People are still making contributions to our society, but you won't hear about them at Black History Month, as Black History Month had intended. The night before I received Rev. Shock's "Relaxing Time" email, I dreamed I was in a classroom with all 2ndF's, and I was the only Black. I won't bore you with all the details, but I woke up saying, "I will no longer be the only black, nor the first black to do anything anymore. As Dr. John Henrik Clarke said, "I'm surprised you're surprised."

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