The 1st Frequency of Oneness / SHOCK Metaphysics Research Fund (Recurring)

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Grand Rising,  

Thank you in advance for supporting our current research project!

I request your support for a pioneering project to explore and fill the research gaps in the Africana Phenomenology of Racialized Black Trauma in the Diaspora Book Series. I would like your support to carry forward this critical endeavor.

What is A Research Gap?

A research gap refers to an area or topic within a particular field of study or discipline lacking sufficient research, knowledge, or understanding. It represents a "gap" in the existing literature or body of knowledge, where vital questions remain unanswered, or areas have not been explored in depth. Identifying and addressing research gaps is a crucial part of the research process. It helps researchers determine the need for further investigation and advances knowledge in a particular area.

Studies have shown that racial trauma negatively impacts Black Americans' health and well-being across the life course[2][3]. Barriers to research participation among African American adults include mistrust of academic and research institutions and investigators, which stems from historical events and sociocultural factors[1]. Additionally, there is a need to evaluate the efficacy of racial trauma therapy training for community mental health clinicians[5]. These gaps highlight the importance of further research to address the impact of racial trauma on health and well-being, as well as to understand and overcome barriers to research participation among African American adults.







One of the central objectives of my research is to challenge the longstanding fallacies spread by 19th-century scholars known as the 'Three H's': Hegel, Heidegger, and Husserl. They wrote: "It is characteristic of the blacks that their consciousness has not yet arrived at the intuition of any objectivity. He is a being in the rough. Africa has no historical part of the world. It has no movement or development to exhibit." These misrepresentations have seeped into various branches of academia, including the medical field, perpetuating unfounded beliefs such as African-descended people having thicker skin and experiencing less pain than other ethnic groups.

My academic foundation lies in Metaphysical Science and Philosophy, for which I hold a doctorate from the University of Metaphysics, Sedona. However, as a pluralist or multi-disciplinarian, I have honed my skills to explore diverse disciplines, leading to my innovative theoretical framework, The 4 Metaphysical Frequencies. I have also contributed to the sciences of "Race Technology" and "Memetics," a branch of evolutionary psychology.

As a trauma-informed Metaphysical Minister, I have developed expertise in Black Trauma, a topic I extensively explored in my Master's thesis. My current research project is The Africana Phenomenology of Racialized Black Trauma in the Diaspora Book Series. 

I am deeply passionate about addressing the issue of racialized Black trauma in the diaspora, which has long been an underexplored area in academic research and literature. This project aims to shed light on the experiences, consequences, and potential avenues for healing and resilience for Black people who have experienced racialized trauma, particularly here in the US.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated for those who wish to extend substantial or more frequent support.


- Insights into my research and writing process

- Exclusive updates on the new research I am undertaking

- Early access to sections and chapters of my upcoming book

- Bio listing in upcoming book and acknowledgments

Your support can make a difference in this crucial study and aid in breaking the chains of long-established misconceptions. Let's collaborate and bring about a change in the academic landscape together.

Thank you very much for considering this request. I appreciate your time and any support you can provide.

I Wish You Heaven

Rev. Dr. Philippe SHOCK Matthews


  • 1st Frequency of Oneness Research Guide (PDF)

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The 1st Frequency of Oneness / SHOCK Metaphysics Research Fund (Recurring)

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