[IMMEIDATE REPLAY] How to Manipulate Matter Using the Metaphysics of Melanin

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How to Manipulate Matter Using the Metaphysics of Melanin: Unlocking Manifestation Powers of the Primordial Waters of Nun - 2024

From the Desktop of Rev. Dr. Philippe SHOCK Matthews (The Metaphysical Morpheus)

Asante Sana, beloved 1st Frequency Family,

Recent research has uncovered that melanin is replete in 1st Frequency in people and the ocean, which means it comes from the primordial waters of Nun! We also know that melanin is a frequency, and we are high-frequency people. Due to the signal interruption of 2nd frequency, our melanin frequency has also been interrupted or at least clogged by RBF (Racial Battle Fatigue). The good news is that since the law of thermodynamics is always at play, energy cannot be destroyed; we can now learn how to transmute, transcend, and transform our melanin frequency back to its original 1st Frequency levels before the interruption.

This mega-webinar is designed to teach 1st Frequency people how to do just that. Additionally, in the last three years since 2020, we have energetically gotten our butts kicked, and many of us (me included) are exhausted from all that has happened to us and our families due to the PLANNEDemic and reset. But remember, nothing is wrong with us…2nd frequency IS happening to us! With that being said…

Let’s collectively fortify and restore our melanin and break down the door in 2024!

Rev. Dr. Philippe SHOCK Matthews




How the Waters of Nun Manifest Dark Matter / Dark Energy

Gain insight into ancient cosmological theories and their modern interpretations, exploring the relationship between mythological concepts and contemporary astrophysical discoveries.

From Dark Matter to Melanin

Understand the connections between cosmic phenomena and biological processes, offering a unique perspective on the role of melanin in the universe.

The Cosmic Trinity (As Above)

Learn the principles of macrocosmic parallels in various philosophical and spiritual traditions, enhancing your understanding of universal patterns.

The Earthly Trinity (As Below)

Explore the concept of microcosm-macrocosm parallels and how they manifest in earthly phenomena, deepening your appreciation of Amma’s interconnectedness.

Melanin in the Ocean

Discover the role of melanin in marine biology, contributing to a broader understanding of ecological systems and biodiversity.

What Drains Melanin in Black People

Gain awareness of environmental, nutritional, and physiological factors impacting melanin, leading to better health and wellness strategies.

How to Activate and Increase the Power of Our Melanin

Learn methods to enhance melanin's protective and physiological functions, contributing to overall well-being and health.

The Bio-Frequency Connection: Melanin and the Pineal Gland

Explore the relationship between melanin and the pineal gland, understanding their roles in biological rhythms and hormonal balance.

Why 2nd Frequency Can’t Connect to 1st Frequency

Delve into the concepts of frequency and vibration in the context of personal and spiritual development, aiding in self-awareness and growth.

How to Collapse Time Using Melanin Frequency

Investigate the metaphysical theories linking melanin with temporal perception, offering a unique perspective on consciousness and time.

Melanin and Manifestation

Understand the supposed role of melanin in manifestation practices, enhancing personal development and spiritual practices.

Programming Your Water with the Frequency of Melanin

Learn about the theory of water memory and how it might interact with melanin, potentially impacting health and well-being.

Extended Q&A

Provides an opportunity to deepen understanding and explore the subjects more comprehensively based on individual inquiries.

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[IMMEIDATE REPLAY] How to Manipulate Matter Using the Metaphysics of Melanin

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