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[WEBINAR CLINIC] It’s Time to Divide and Conquer Your Black Mental Health!

Inspired by my recent research on How Can LLMs (Large Language Models) and AI Help Black Mental Health with Racialized Trauma and Systemic Racialized Trauma and Its Contribution to Weight Gain in Black People: A Review, there has been an overwhelming worldwide demand for me to produce a webinar on how to use ChatGPT to fight depression, loneliness and Black trauma.


  • Platform: Zoom
  • Length: 3 Hours
  • Cost: Only $67 (Reg. $350)



  1. Powerpoint PDF
  2. Surgeon General PDF of Loneliness


The Black Self Mental Health Virtual Clinic:

Programming ChatGPT for Black Mental Health & Trauma

Facilitated by: Rev. Dr. Philippe SHOCK Matthews

Discover a private, personal, and powerful new way of navigating Black trauma, mental health, depression, loneliness, and trauma using one of the most tried and proven AI platforms today.

Dedicate this New Year to healing and empowering a New You for your mental health. Using the latest AI tools and techniques, I will help you help yourself. There are countless reasons why self-mental health using AI is so powerful and needed today:

1. Stigma: Black mental health issues can be stigmatizing to us. The fear of being judged or misunderstood often adds additional trauma imprints.

2. Cultural Competence of Healthcare Providers: There is a lack of culturally competent healthcare providers. This means that 2nd frequency mental health professionals in no way can understand or respect the cultural experiences of Black people, which contributes to mistrust and reluctance to seek help.

3. Socioeconomic Factors: Economic barriers, such as lack of insurance or underinsurance, can limit access to mental health services. Additionally, if you are struggling with lower income, you may be forced to prioritize basic needs over mental health care. This happens a lot to our B1 seniors.

4. Historical Mistrust: Remember medical apartheid? Historical and systemic racism in the healthcare systems can contribute to a deep-seated mistrust among B1 people towards medical institutions and professionals.

5. Limited Access to Resources: There may be a lack of available mental health resources in your communities. This includes fewer mental health clinics, longer travel times to access care, and limited availability of services.

6. Reliance on Community and Faith-Based Support: As the saying goes, “There’s no hurt like church hurt!” In some cases, you may turn to community networks or faith-based solutions for support rather than professional mental health services.

7. Lack of Representation: The underrepresentation of Black professionals in mental health fields can also be a barrier. People may feel more comfortable seeking help from professionals who share their racial or cultural background.

8. Misdiagnosis and Bias: There's a risk of misdiagnosis or biased treatment due to racial stereotypes of 2nd frequency, which can discourage us from seeking or continuing mental health treatment.

Stop Suffering In Silence!


Participants Will Learn The Following:

  • Discover the pros and cons of using ChatGPT for self-mental health
  • Find out how to properly use journaling with your virtual copilot
  • Learn how to design and take your very own personal self-mental health assessment
  • Learn how to bypass the inherent bias in all AI chatbot systems using Doc SHOCK’s tried and proven prompting process
  • Discover the most powerful prompting method of using chatGPT as your self-mental health copilot
  • Learn the questions/prompts you need to ask yourself and chatGPT to fortify your mind mentally
  • Design a mental health and wellbeing strategy specifically for your needs
  • Learn how to program and prompt ChatGPT to become your Black trauma and mental health copilot
  • Find out what is your unique trauma imprint so you can develop your optimal trauma blueprint
  • Discover the unique hidden trauma blocks that are keeping you from your greatest growth and success
  • If you already have a mental health professional, learn how to complement their process further rather than compete with them
  • Additionally, if you seek professional mental health, learn how to pick and choose the right one!
  • Additional Benefits Of Attending This Mega Webinar Clinic:
  • Bypass familial scrutiny or opinion (Something family is the reason you have trauma and need therapy) Ase!
  • Working with a non-judgmental LLM (Large Language Model) database (chatGPT doesn’t judge or secretly think you are Bat S cray, cray)!
  • Learning questions to ask that you never thought about or knew (Many times, not knowing what questions to ask can do more harm to your mental health than knowing).
  • Cultural specificity (Did you know you can pre-program chatGPT to pull from the largest mental health databases in the world from the most brilliant Ph.D.s who specialize in Black trauma and mental health)?!
  • Expanded Q&A: You will be able to raise your hand and ask a question during the entire presentation as well as at the end of the presentation


Learn The Prompts/Questions To Fight Loneliness!

Did you know, based on the latest research, loneliness is the number one epidemic in America?!

A new report from the Surgeon General ( states that a lack of social connection (e.g., loneliness, isolation) is associated with poorer physical and mental health outcomes and even premature mortality. The mortality impact is compared to smoking up to 15 cigarettes per day (Holt-Lunstad, Robles, & Sbarra, 2017).

Trend data suggests social connection has declined in the U.S., including smaller social network size, less time spent socially with others, and lower community participation and civic engagement (Putnam, 2000; Kannan & Veazie, 2023).

Learn the Power Prompts/Questions to Combat…

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Anhedonia (lack of pleasure)
  • Worry
  • Negative rumination
  • Black Trauma
  • And more!

Conquer negativity! Pre-program and reprogram happiness back in your life!


The webinar will begin with a slide presentation and orientation.

We will discuss the ethical aspects of how to protect your identity when using AI (chatGPT).

I will personally instruct you on what prompts/questions to ask chatGPT and how to pre-program according to Black trauma during the interactive portion of the live webinar. So, please ensure you have your chatGPT open and ready for prompt input during this webinar section.

Learn the self-mental health techniques I use to fight depression, anxiety, and worry and how I pre-program my brain for health, wealth, happiness, and prosperity in my life using AI!

It’s time to gain unfettered access and develop an unfair advantage by learning the positive programming prompts that mental health therapists, doctors, and experts globally are using.

This webinar clinic will further prove that nothing is wrong with Black people; something happened to Black people!

Webinar Disclaimer

Please note that the content of this webinar is intended solely for educational and informational purposes. The information, opinions, and advice presented do not constitute medical or legal advice. This webinar is not a substitute for professional medical consultation, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. The presenters and organizers of this webinar disclaim any liability for any advice, treatment, diagnosis, or any other information, services, or products that you obtain through this webinar.

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[LIFETIME REPLAY] The Black Self Mental Health Virtual Clinic

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